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NMR Lipo Profile

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NMR Lipoprofile Level

This blood test uses nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to evaluate and count the number of low-density cholesterol, high-density and very low-density lipoprotein particles in the blood sample. It is considered a more sophisticated test than traditional LDL and HDL cholesterol tests.

The first stages of cholesterol build up in the blood vessels (vascular disease) occur when LDL particles circulating in the blood penetrate through the inner lining of blood vessels and become trapped in the artery wall. Eventual build up of LDL, fat-filled cells, cells of inflammation, and blood clotting can block the normal blood flow in the coronary arteries. When arteries become blocked, it stops the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the heart muscle leading to heart attack. Lowering LDL cholesterol is the primary focus in preventing vascular disease and heart attacks.

Improper metabolism of lipids in the blood (dyslipidemia) is also associated with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, and is present in most people who are obese.

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