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Liver Focus Physical (Male and Female)(Corepanel + Hepatitis Exposure Panel + US abd + UA)

Lab Price: $450.00 USD
Our Price: $450.00 USD

Visit 1: ( 15 mins )

Blood work, Core Panel. (labs/other testing may be fasting and Client may have to come back)

Have you been ever been exposed to Hepatitis?

LabCorp may take up to 48 hours to process results.

Client will then be scheduled for a physical with Peace Medical Center


Visit 2 (3 Days after Visit 1) ( 2-3 hours )

Arrival at Peace medical center



Ultrasound of Abdomen and Liver

Meet with Nurse - Review

  • medical history

  • surgical history

  • family history

  • Allergies

  • Medication used

  • Lifestyle issues

  • assess all symptoms with a head to toe review

  • Record blood pressure, heart rate, height weight , BMI assessment

Exam with provider

  • Review Nurse notes

  • Examine  detail all systems

(head, eyes, nose, heart, chest, legs, feet,)

Create a list of Medical issues

Configure a plan of action to tackle the issues

Configure a preventive strategy to improve risk factors

Doctor will review all lab  and other pertinent information .


One week after 2nd Visit

A email will be sent that will include a summary of the exam  and findings along with a future guidance plan. The ultrasound report will be included too.



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