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Smart Heart Physical ( Corepanel + Heart Smart Risk panelab + Stress + CT calcium score )

Lab Price: $700.00 USD
Our Price: $700.00 USD

Visit 1: ( 15 mins )

Blood work, Core Panel. (labs/other testing may be fasting and Client may have to come back) *** and cardio panel

Labcorp may take up to 48 hours to process results

Client will then be scheduled for a physical with Peace Medical Center


Visit 2 (3 Days after Visit 1) ( 2-3 hours )

Arrival at Peace medical center



Stress Test

Calcium Score


Meet with Nurse - Review

  • medical history

  • surgical history

  • family history

  • Allergies

  • Medication used

  • Lifestyle issues

  • assess all symptoms with a head to toe review

  • Record blood pressure, heart rate, height weight , BMI assessment

  • Calculate Framingham score

  • Calculate Duke score

Cardio Exam with provider

  •  Review Nurse notes

  • Examine  detail all systems

(head, eyes, nose, heart, chest,abdomen,vascular, legs )


Create a list of Medical issues and risk factors

Configure a plan of action to tackle the issues

Configure a preventive strategy to improve risk factors

Doctor will review all lab  and other pertinent information .

Discuss Framingham and duke score.


One week after 2nd Visit

Email a future guidance plan and written summary of exam and findings

A email will be sent that will include a summary of the exam  and findings along with a future guidance plan. The cardiac physical will include the framingham and the duke score





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