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Top Ten Reasons to use SmartCare Health and Diagnostics ?
  • 1Your 'One Stop Shop' serving all  neighborhoods of Mauldin, Greer, Greenville, Taylors and Simpsonville for all your health care needs. Labs, Tests, Vaccines, office Visits and Physicals.
  • 2No surprises - Incredibly Low Prices for Labs, X-rays, Injections and Consultations.
  • 3No Insurance – No Problem! Ideal for High Deductible.
  • 4Prompt Service – We work to get you in and out in minutes.
  • 5Personalized Laboratory Panels to help you and your provider evaluate your current health needs.
  • 6The quality of care provided at SmartCare is the best at any Price.
  • 7Our Providers have been Awarded Recognition by the NCQA for their care of the Heart, Strokes and patients with Diabetes.
  • 8Knowledgeable and personable staff will be there to guide you through diagnostic testing and explaining everything along the way.
  • 9Health conscientious people that choose to know more about their medical conditions use SmartCare.
  • 10No 'Pre Certifications', or insurance 'Non-Covered Services' and no 'Prior Authorizations'.
  • 11


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